Oct 25, 2013
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These are the Souters and they are about as cute as cute can get…for serious!  I have known Kendall for as long as I can remember, I have seen her in many a prom dress and I am sure the stories I have on her can only be outdone by the stories she has on me.  Getting to watch her grow up into the amazing wife and mother that she has become has been an incredible blessing and I couldn’t feel more honored that she continues to share her growing family with me.  And I MEAN REALLY with their girls…Souter-Family_Blog-Final-08Souter-Family_Blog-Final-06 Souter-Family_Blog-Final-05 Souter-Family_Blog-Final-15 These two precious little humans DEFINE squeezable but don’t let those little angelic faces fool you, they are as precocious as it gets and their wide eyed wonder about EVERYTHING life as to offer makes me want to break out the finger paints and paint the world!Souter-Family_Blog-Final-20 Souter-Family_Blog-Final-19 Souter-Family_Blog-Final-18 Souter-Family_Blog-Final-16 Souter-Family_Blog-Final-17 Souter-Family_Blog-Final-25 Souter-Family_Blog-Final-24 Souter-Family_Blog-Final-09 Souter-Family_Blog-Final-21 Souter-Family_Blog-Final-23 Souter-Family_Blog-Final-22 Souter-Family_Blog-Final-13 Souter-Family_Blog-Final-14 I seriously DIE over this image…Souter-Family_Blog-Final-12 Souter-Family_Blog-Final-11 Souter-Family_Blog-Final-02 Souter-Family_Blog-Final-07 Souter-Family_Blog-Final-03 Souter-Family_Blog-Final-04 Souter-Family_Blog-Final-01Thanks for spending the day with me at Sea Grove Park.  This place and your family holds such a special place in my heart.  I CANNOT WAIT to meet the new addition making his debut in December! I LOVE LOVE LOVE you!