Sep 25, 2014
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Remember Nick & Lindsey’s RIDICULOUSLY CUTE country wedding…Well as if these two couldn’t get any cuter, they went and created a RIDICULOUSLY CUTE tiny human.  Meet Mason, or Mase Face as I like to call him.  I actually shot this session a few months ago, but seriously, THIS BABY is entirely.too.adorable. not to share.  This little family is truly my favorite and it has nothing to do with the fact that our boys will grow up being best friends (it’s mandated by their mothers) and everything to do with the fact that they are the most sincere, genuine and authentic friends anyone could ever have. I.LOVE.THEM.
7F0A0484 7F0A0296 7F0A0275 We met up at this cute little park in Pasadena and it couldn’t have been a more perfect fall day in Southern California.  The weather was warm but the colors…OH THE COLORS.  It’s not often we get fall colors in our seasonless sunshine city, but today we found a little slice of “Autumn Leaves and Orangy/Yellow Goodness” heaven.  The only thing more fun than hanging at the par was our traditional mimosa (beer for the men) and cooking hang out afterwards.7F0A0315 OH.THOSE.EYES.7F0A0248 7F0A0500 7F0A0336 7F0A0261 7F0A0301 7F0A0370 7F0A0504 7F0A0519 7F0A0546 7F0A0586 7F0A0585 7F0A0540 7F0A0544 7F0A0591 7F0A0340GOSH do these two love each other and oh, how it makes me smile!
7F0A0606 Did I mention they are destined to be best friends…7F0A0645Plotting mischief…
7F0A0718 7F0A0785 These next series of images are my absolute favorite…I just want to EAT HIM!Rizzo-Family_Blog-Dyptich1 7F0A0814 7F0A0816 7F0A0817 7F0A0821 7F0A0822 7F0A0827 7F0A0829 7F0A0850 7F0A0855 7F0A0900 7F0A0902 7F0A0905 7F0A0926 7F0A0930 7F0A0943 7F0A0949 7F0A0958 7F0A0962 7F0A0964 7F0A0968 7F0A0986 7F0A0998 7F0A0996 Rizzo-Family_Blog-Dyptich2 7F0A1020 7F0A1046 7F0A1019 7F0A1050 7F0A1085Rizzo Family, there are not enough words to describe how grateful I am for you.  I love you to the moon and back and love watching our boys grow up together, building a friendship that is only matched by the friendship of their parents!