Dec 30, 2014
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Do I really need to start off with a wordy intro when I can give you this…I think not..11.09.13_GagneFamily_0026I dare anyone to find a radder (yes I said radder, it is a word I will use often because…well, it’s rad) family than this…I mean really!  Meet Dave, Tricia and their adorable little human. I am quite sure this little person was gifted with a head of hair kissed by the GODS. Tricia was introduced to me by the ever so fabulous Mullin family (spectacular human beings I will introduce to you soon).  Tricia called me up with these crazy awesome ideas for some holiday photo’s, my response (as it often is),  HECK TO THE CHRISTMAS CARD YES!  These three are gifted with so much crazy stupid talent, the least of which is that they are all HILARIOUS.  No really, if there was ever a family I wanted to be when I grow up…these three are it.  So as the year comes to a close, I can think of nobody better to kick off  2015 with as I introduce you to all the awesome families I have had the honor of shooting this past year.
11.09.13_GagneFamily_002211.09.13_GagneFamily_002111.09.13_GagneFamily_0012Another God given gift to add to their infinite list:  INSANELY GORGEOUS… am 1000% certain that the little man is schooling daddy on proper fashion sense
11.09.13_GagneFamily_003911.09.13_GagneFamily_0041I mentioned I want to be them when I grow up, right?  If you want even just a microscopic taste of how pee your pants funny Tricia is…check out her rendition of this beloved holiday diddy featured on (we really should pay attention to lyrics more often before we add them to our joyful yuletide traditions…just sayin)