Oct 21, 2014
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I love these two…TO THE MOON AND BACK! If you choose to follow this little photography journey of mine, you will hear me say and see me write time and time again how much I love what I do. Yes, it’s about the timeless stories I get to tell about people’s precious moments in their extraordinary lives. Yes, it’s because my “office” doesn’t have walls but sunrises, sunsets and everything in between. Yes, it’s because with each new project I am dedicated to pushing myself further and building upon what I have learned.  But mostly, it’s because I am blessed beyond measure to make new and authentic friends, I am absolutely resolute on this point in my “business.”  Jess and Chris are no exception. They have invited me into not only their love story but their life and it is a friendship that I will cherish, ALWAYS.  We talk often, they love our son like an aunt and uncle and if there is a chance to get together for a visit, even across the miles, WE DO IT!  If these images don’t absolutely convince you of their beautiful love, head on over to their Nashville engagement I shot a while back.  I have been DYING to share this day with you so let’s get to it, shall we!

Ceremony: St. Joseph’s Church, Schenectady New York

Reception: Albany Country Club, Albany New York

Wedding Dress: Sottero and Midgley

Bridesmaid Dresses: Jasmine Bridal

Florist: Renaissance Floral Design, Albany New York

DJ: Adam Conway, Conway Entertainment (this guy has perfected the art of bringing the party, FO SHO!)

Videographer: Al Woodard, Al Woodard Films (he’s AWESOME BTW)

Cake: Family friend


Sapp-Wedding_Blog-Dyptich1 Jessica and her parents have one of those relationships that you read about in a heart stopping, tear jerking children’s book.  This darling house is the home she grew up in.  Medals, high school pictures and precious childhood keep sakes still don the walls of her room.  It’s the home she and her family spent the day before her wedding making traditional italian cookies for the big day, the same cookies and tradition that defined Christmas and family gatherings.  It is a place their children will grow up learning about and experiencing those same traditions that made Jessica the incredible woman she is today.

The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years. – Audrey Hepburn Brotherly love is undeniable…Brotherly love of twins is something straight out of a sitcom!
The details…I.DIE. Oh, hi most beautifully classic church in like, EVER!

The look on Chris’ face as he stares at his bride is everything.  It’s WHY I do what I do and WHY I am so honored to get to be able to do it.  Thank you Chris for giving us all a reminder of what REAL UNADULTERATED LOVE looks like. Sapp-Wedding_Blog-Dyptich2 The day wouldn’t have been complete without their REDONKULOUSLY sweet pup Bronx. This cake was done by a guest at the wedding…and I quote…”just because I enjoy baking cakes.”  For serious, someone needs to tell her open up a bakery! Jessica’s little brother was about THE SWEETEST human I have ever met.  There truly wasn’t a moment that he wasn’t beaming with pride for his big sister.  I seriously had to stop looking at him because when he would tear up (which was often) I would tear up and then I my eyepiece got all foggy! …Yes, yes they did!