Sep 18, 2014
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GUESS WHO’S BACK!  After a little hiatus to hang out with my little and enjoy summer a bit, I missed you all something fierce!  Despite some much needed mommy time and fun in the sun, I have definitely been busy shooting so get ready for some super photo goodness of some SUPER FANTASTIC people.  In honor of Senior Portrait Season, I thought I’d kick off my triumphant return with Charlie.  I actually shot him a while back as part of my “Class of ’14” shoots, but I have known this kid (sorry Charlie, you may be a man by the worlds standards but you’ll always be a kid to me) since he was born, and well, he’s too RAD not to share his super fun shoot up in Lake Tahoe.  Charlie is a soccer super star that graduated from Whittell High School (my alma mater) and I had a blast reminiscing about the school, the teacher and how much has changed over the years we will keep just how many years a secret, however.
Charlie-Jurzenski_Blog-Dyptich3IMG_1380 IMG_1369 Charlie-Jurzenski_Blog-Dyptich1 IMG_1414 IMG_1388 Charlie-Jurzenski_Blog-Dyptich2 IMG_1356 Charlie-Jurzenski_Blog-Tryptich1 IMG_1491 IMG_1444 IMG_1526 IMG_1552 IMG_1562 IMG_1588-2 IMG_1588 IMG_1546 IMG_1594 IMG_1645 IMG_1661 IMG_1748 IMG_1752 IMG_1782 IMG_1819 IMG_1823 IMG_1836 IMG_1851 IMG_1854 IMG_1864 IMG_1786Thanks for trapsing all over the Tahoe country side, Charlie!  I know that you are doing absolutely amazing things since graduating and I wish you all the best this world has to offer!